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Welcome to GEMSTONE Oncology is a dynamic initiative that provides comprehensive educational resources peer-developed by the GEMSTONE Committee for healthcare providers in gynecologic oncology. Explore this site to access downloadable slide modules, case study discussions, and more.

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Expert Perspectives on the Evolving Ovarian Cancer Clinical Landscape

With a growing number of clinical trials in ovarian cancer, healthcare providers must make sense of rapidly accumulating data to inform decisions about treatment choice. In this video series, experts in gynecologic oncology provide important insights…

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Understanding and Managing Immune-Related Adverse Events Associated With Checkpoint Inhibition

Treatment with checkpoint inhibitors is associated with a unique spectrum of side effects. Immune-related adverse events (irAEs) are toxicities associated with immunotherapies believed to be caused by nonspecific activation of the immune system…

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DNA Repair Deficiencies in Gynecologic Cancers: Implications for Therapeutic Targeting

DNA repair deficiencies present an opportunity for therapeutic targeting in gynecologic cancers. Cells have evolved a number of mechanisms to repair damaged DNA, and deficiencies in these pathways are common in gynecologic cancers. Tumors with alterations in DNA repair…

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The GEMSTONE Committee

The GEMSTONE Committee is a group of experts in gynecologic oncology who develop the resources found on They are dedicated to improving the standard of care for patients with gynecologic cancers through the dissemination of educational content for healthcare providers that addresses key clinical topics.