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Expert Perspectives on the Evolving Ovarian Cancer Clinical Landscape

With a growing number of clinical trials in ovarian cancer, healthcare providers must make sense of rapidly accumulating data to inform decisions about treatment choice. In this video series, experts in gynecologic oncology provide important insights into interpreting clinical trial data and highlight key considerations for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

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Important Considerations for Interpreting Efficacy in Clinical Trials

Dr. Michael Birrer discusses the role of hazard ratios in understanding efficacy across clinical trials and reviews considerations for interpreting data from trials with different patient populations.

Maintenance Therapy: An Essential Part of the Treatment Plan

Dr. Michael Birrer underscores the importance of making decisions about maintenance therapy at the beginning of ovarian cancer treatment.

Biomarkers in Ovarian Cancer

Dr. Michael Birrer examines the role of biomarkers in the prognosis and treatment of ovarian cancer.